Millions of verified art world facts in real time

Sourced globally from over 50,000 public and proprietary sources, we collect and verify, in real-time, millions of non-transactional art market signals that drive changes in value. We cover 95% of all Post-War and contemporary artists.

New knowledge powering quantitative decision-making

Our AI quantifies artist’s growth, tracks evolution of value, and measures the past and future influence of museums and galleries, globally.

We do this by recognizing patterns in the careers of hundreds of thousands of artists and by tracking layers of systemic bias towards specific artist categories.

An alternative to auction results

The majority of post-war and contemporary artists have had less than 3 transactions at auction in the last 10 years, most of their sales happen on the dealer market.

In this highly fragmented market, auction data is a misrepresentation of the market value of an artist’s work.

For museums, art professionals and the financial industry

Wondeur equips museums and art professionals with new information to achieve their curatorial goals and provides the financial industry the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver responsible art asset strategies.


Team of 17 senior researchers with PhDs in artificial intelligence and biology from UofT, the MIT and MIT Media Lab. Wondeur is VC-backed by icons of AI in Europe and North America.

Kima Ventures


Two Small Fish Ventures

Network Effect

GlobalLive Technologies


Relav VC

Ai, Tech

BoxOne Ventures

AI, Fintech

N49P Ventures

Ai, Network Effect

Alexa (Amazon) Founder


Dennis Smith

Ai, Security

Roar VC


Harlo Group


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